Warriner School Farm Trip

The Warriner School Farm covers an area of 48 hectares (120 acres) and has both organic and non-organic livestock and crop enterprises. Along with well-equipped teaching and learning facilities and highly experienced teaching staff, the farm offers the following:

  • a single suckler herd producing calves for beef and pedigree replacements; a March lambing, ewe flock producing finished and store lambs;
  • a pedigree Gloucester Old Spot herd producing piglets for sale and pig meat products
  • a chicken layer unit producing eggs and chicks for sale, made up of rare and traditional breeds
  • a small goat enterprise
  • a small equine unit
  • combinable crops, root crops and forage crops;
  • all the grassland is certified organic, by the Soil Association as is 2 hectare of the crops, the rest of the combinable crops are farmed non-organically;
  • the farm is managed using strong conservation and sustainability principles and actively participates in the Natural England Entry and Higher level Environmental Stewardship schemes.
  • Comet room children visited the farm on Wednesday 4th March 2020.