Partnership with ‘Banbury Trees’

Super successful first day hedgerow planting at East Street Early Years CIO Nursery , Grimsbury, Banbury 🙂

Today, the children planted 35 trees and bushes. We have 65 left to plant over the next few days.

The trees and bushes came from the ‘I Dig Trees’ scheme – a mix of wildlife-friendly species of shrubs and trees.

A massive “thank you” to the committed nursery staff, mums, and to the lovely community volunteers from Banbury Trees and Oxfordshire Trees For The Future.

It feels great to make the world a bit greener with the younger generations 💚

Thank you kindly also to Cherwell District Council for donating the recycled shrub mulch, which has been placed around each tree and bush in order to protect them from weeds.
This way no pesticides will be needed to ensure healthy growth.